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What is PET strap?

PET strap is a new kind of package material, which has replaced the steel strap, is widely used in the industry of packing steel,aluminum,fiber,cotton,paper,wood,metal etc.

stretching resistance is strong as steel strap.

elonpercentage is small, just one sixth of PP strap.

heat-resistinggation is strong, melting point is 260 degree, will not distortion under 120 degree.

flexibility is good, safe to operate.could protect the cargo.

economical, the length of one ton PET strap equals that of 6 tons steel strap, while unit price is much lower than that of steel strap, which is cost save. 

PET STRAP Advantages
Today, PET STRAP (POLYESTER STRAP) is recognized as a new environment protective strapping material to substitute Steel Strap & PP Strap, since it has the absolute advantages than other products, such as Better Pull Resistance, Superior Elasticity, Low Creep (Extension), Better Temperature Resistance, Excellent Rusty Resistance, Alternative Colors, Easier Operation, Extreme Safety And Economy etc. PET straps are widely used in many different branches of industry, such as can industry, steel industry, architecture materials binding, chemical fiber industrial, paper plants, glass industrial, agriculture, tobacco, electronics, and so forth.

1) Excellent Tensile Strength and Welding Strength: Thus it is used for many heavy packages
2) Excellent Tension Maintenance. It maintains tensile strength for a long stretch of time with minimized strap slacking, while ensuring excellent shock resistance ideal for long-distance, long-period transportation.
3) Excellent Rusty and Chemical Resistance: Thus allows direct strapping with PET straps without products damage or rusty.
4) Superior Flexibility for convenient operation. PET strap does not "Whiplash" when removed, thus creating a safe work environment for users. Moreover, it does not have sharp edges, so there is no risk of injures for either goods or user while tensioning or cutting the strap. And it is no necessary for special cutting tools.
5) Super Weather Resistance. It can be stabile under temperature of -50℃ - 100℃, which ensures PET straps widely applied under any conditions.
6) Comparing to other straps, PET strap is the "Beauty", as it can be made in different colors with good transparence. Also, it can be recycled for it is an environment protective strapping material.
7) Good Economical Application. The density of PET Strap is only 1/6 of Steel Strap for a given length, but its price is much cheaper than Steel Strap.